Dr. Wes Samaan DDS, Psy. D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Our busy daily schedule always full of duties we perform to benefit others such as husband, wife, child, boss, and doing favors for relatives, friends, uncles, and many others. In this picture one identity is missing “one’s own self” as the routine becomes the norm and deviation from it starts to feel like not achieving, we start questioning the reason for our own existence and the meaningfulness of life, our freedom, our existential isolation or connectedness and finally death. These are the ultimate question that have to be answered in an authentic way and each person need to find his own answer, if satisfactory answer is not achieved the entire thinking and reasoning process becomes turbulent and reflect on our moods and behaviors. Anxiety, depression, neurotic behaviors, such moods affect our energy output and interpersonal relationship as well. The good news is our brain contains 100 billion neurons and is capable of self adjusting if giving the right tools and proper coping mechanisms. Psychotherapy can help regardless of severity or duration of the maladaptive behavior. READ MORE>>

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