Services & Specialties


SLeep Disorders

Such as; Insomnia, night mares and disturbing dreams, Parasomnia, REM stage behavioral disorders, and sleep breathing disorders are conditions that I can help resolving and managing. Our dreams are visual and auditory images and sounds generated from memories and information stored in both the conscious and the unconscious mind. Memory and emotion centers are closely interconnected so whether sleeping or awake our memories always bring an emotional expression, however, most of the time our dreams comes with hidden messages (from our higher self or higher source) so listening and understanding our dreams could be a guiding light for us.

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My Approach

To manage emotional distress is mostly based on the principals of Existential, reality, cognitive, and psychoanalytic therapies, the following are examples for what we do.
Depression, General anxiety disorders, repressed emotions, traumatic experience, substance use and abuse, and obsessive behaviors. Mood swings, Bipolar, and schizophrenic disorders are all manageable provided that we do not wait too long to initiate the therapy

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